Alireza Rohani

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Believes that every person has a unique story to share, through their struggle, their success and failure. TEDx is a way to motivate people to show their struggles, to share their stories and to connect with people.

Tell us something about you?
Was born in Iran, holds a bachelor degree in behavioural psychology and a PhD degree in computer systems. I am also a TEDx-Speaker, a Journalist, a pilot (glider), a horse-rider, and loves to meet new people,

What is it what you’re doing?
I am a post-doctoral researcher at University of Twente. But I have a diverse range of interests, from psychology to brain anatomy.

What’s your ambition?
I believe every person in this world has a unique story to tell. I want to help people share their stories. So, if you think you are ready to share yours, keep in touch! TEDxSaxionUniversity is a perfect point to start.

Alireza Rohani

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