Allysia: how TEDx inspired me as a person

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Gosh! I can’t remember the last time I was so honored. I got a message from the TEDxSaxionUniversity team if I wanted to talk about working together on the next TEDxSaxionUniversity event. Like, what? Yes! Ofcourse I want to! So, hello! Here I am.

My name is Allysia and I am a huge nerd when it comes to being a student. I like studying things, getting the best grade (competitive much?) and improving myself but not without a little humour. When it comes to me as a blogger, I like to share my day-to-day life about how I view the world. Especially as a fitgirl. Besides a nerd I am also a fitgirl. I am more in gym clothes than normal clothes and I like heavy metal through my headphones and iron in my hands. Can’t blame a girl, right? I am also a loving and annoying girlfriend (sorry not sorry boo) and I love my family and friends to death.

Not really interesting. I know. But I am just a person. Just as you are. Feelings are all around, triggered by more than just seeing things. This is what I experienced on my first TEDx event. I watched different YouTube-video’s more than once from other TED-talks before, but attending one is a different story. The vibe, the food, the people. You really feel it. Don’t be scared, I won’t go spiritually deep and stuff. Just let me give you an impression of the diversity of inspiration. There was Hanneke Tel, talking about being a wallflower. In killer stilleto’s. Way to go girl! Two guys, explaining why they made the sheltersuite. They really hit a soft spot. To top my list of, Thomas van der Meer did a talk about being happy. No-nonsense kinda guy with a no-nonsense kinda talk. You can listen – really… just listen and get inspired – here is what I am talking about.

What I am trying to say is, the people on the stage are the same as you and me. Just people, with feelings and things to say. Well, no sh*t Sherlock, otherwise they wouldn’t be on that stage, right? Exactly!  This is what inspired me the most! People who wanted to try something new. People who wanted to see a difference in the world. People who wanted to share something. People with an idea, not for themselves but for other people. People. Persons. Just like you and me. Those kind of people where on the stage that night. Can you just imagine the vibe? Positive vibes all over the place. I can ensure you that. What a night.

It inspired me as a fitgirl, nerd, annoying girlfriend – you name it – to be as curious about other people as I was that night. I know Hanneke from a summer course we both did in the summer of 2015. I remember her being really nervous about pitching at the end of the course. A few months later, there she is! On stage at the TEDxSaxionUniversity! Talking about inspiration! See her vlog about het road to the red dot to know what I mean. TEDxSaxionUniversity makes me curious about people, I want to pick a brain or two to know what is hiding in there. For sure, I can’t wait to the next event!

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