Artur Jarosiewicz

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Intercultural experiences are not only an essential part of my job at Saxion, but also part of my life:
Born in Poland, grown up in Germany, now living and working in the Netherlands! Some say that I have a gift for languages, but personally I would see learning a new language as a necessary tool to satisfy my curiosity about human interactions.

Don´t know where this will end, but I definitely know that it all begins with being open-minded and truly ready for seeing and especially accepting other people`s point of views! You can only get this mindset, if you continuously get in touch with other people and be honestly curious about their ideas and different backgrounds!

TED gives me the perfect opportunity for this! It’s the perfect playground for innovative ideas, which eventually also can influence our future. To express it less dramatically: it´s a whole lot of fun! :)


“Quotes found on the internet are not always accurate” – Abraham Lincoln.


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Artur Jarosiewicz

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