Boy Bouw

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Idea worth spreading: How increased freedom in my study helped me find my ambitions and motivation, changing my performance from a very average student to an ambitious (in a good way) entrepreneur, and how I hope to inspire others to find their ambitions.

Personal profile: As a student (22) of the course computer science I used to be a “underachiever”. During the 4 years I have been doing this education the most important thing I learned is that I will not end up a programmer. In my third year, when courses were replaced with bigger projects with more freedom and I became a board member of S.V. Syntaxis I became much more motivated and ambitious. Having the freedom to handle projects how you like, withing certain bounds, is much more fun and will result in higher productivity and ambitions, I believe. It at least motivated me to do a lot more side activities and start my own company.

Boy Bouw

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