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Thank you for joining us on a future search, with the ‘brave’, the ‘new’ and their ‘world changing ideas’ on our TEDx stage in Deventer. What do we want our future society to look like? What choices do we make considering the possibilities of future technologies. Is our future even on this earth?
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When? Tuesday, November 29
What time? 15:00 – 21:00 hours.
Where? Deventer Schouwburg, Leeuwenbrug 2.
Program? See the timeschedule for November 29.


Meet the brave ones, that dare to go first.

Mankind has developed technology that makes what we once thought was impossible, possible. Healthcare could be largely robotized and we can grow meat without actually breeding animals. Universities and companies in our region are working hard on developing and implementing technologies like these. But what choices do we make as a society when implementing this technological innovations? What do these innovations mean for medicine, education, our life on earth and beyond and agriculture?

Lee Vu (Vu Hoang Giang)

Lee Vu

Robin Yerah – Singer/Songwriter

Abeje Mersha

Abeje Yenehun Mersha – Future of unmanned aerial vehicles

Wouter Kroese and Willem Herter - Future of healthcare

Wouter Kroese and Willem Herter – Future of healthcare

Pamela Nicoletatos - Future beyond earth

Pamela Nicoletatos – Future beyond earth

Jutta Reinke - Future of food

Jutta Reinke – Future of food

Patrick Stoffer – Future of urban communities

Fransje Immink

Maria Sarkis Azkanaz – Future as a refugee

Rob Tuitert – Future of outdoor gaming

Bart Hilhorst – dancer

Harry Webers – Future of a circular economy

Ymko Attema

Dorothy Oger – poet



Host: Dorothée Loorbach

Our host for today is Dorothée Loorbach – kickstarter of awesome. Her energy is contagious! She knows how to create a positive change from within. Listen to her videomessage.

Dorothee Loorbach

Afterparty: DJ Niek Ketel

After the event we’ll have a smashing afterparty with DJ Niek Ketel! Your ticket allows you to join the party. Get in the mood and check out his mix on Soundcloud.

Niek Ketel


About Deventer

Deventer is a city in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It is a city rich with culture and historic sights. As one of the oldest Dutch citiest — having been founded around AD 768 — it boasts the country’s oldest park, oldest library and oldest brick house.
Deventer’s small historic centre is very suitable to navigation on foot. The Tourist Information Office can provide themed walking routes, but a casual stroll through the centre will offer lovely sights by itself.


TEDxSaxionUniversity is an international stage for people with inspiring ideas from and around Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Our conference in November is the coming together of ideas, people and culture to spark conversations that matter and help ideas become reality!


Want a sneak preview at our Brave New World? Check out the teaser, created by Studio MAD