Watch the TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World talks and share their ideas worth spreading!


My destination is Mars, and you may ask why… | Pamela Nicoletatos

Pamela Nicoletatos is an aspiring Martian pioneer but also a homeschooling mum. She wants to be one of the first humans to colonize Mars, even if it means leaving her husband and two kids behind. A personal story about Pamela’s motivation and her actions to reach this goal.


Flying Robots, fundamental components of future society | Abeje Y. Mersha

Aerial Robot specialist Abeje believes flying robots (drones) have got a bad image because they’re used for military operations. Unfairly and unproductive. We should not fear drones but embrace them. We will all own drones in the future, like we all have a smartphone. They will be of great service to us in the future in unthinkable ways.


Innovative (break)dance performance | Bart Hilhorst

Bart shared his spectacular popping, finger tutting and breakdancing moves with us. Theme: anonymous.


Future of outdoor playgrounds | Rob Tuitert

Designer Rob develops game technology for outdoor playgrounds. He believes that by adding technology and smart design, playgrounds can become attractive again for both youngsters and elderly.


My secret to success as a refugee, as a human being | Maria Sarkis Azkanaz

Maria fled from Iraque to the Netherlands when she was 17 years old. She had to start from scratch but managed to learn Dutch fluently and pass her bachelor degree at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in only 3 years. This is a personal and motivational story.


Firebrigade: improving safety by using innovative technology | Ymko Attema

Firebrigade Twente won several national innovation prices for their open an innovative way to develop and test new safety concepts at the Twente Safety Campus. “We are at a limit of how fast and how well we can technically help you but we can be more effective if we share the responsibility for our safety.” Ymko Attema works at Fire Department Twente, that won many prizes for being innovative and using new technology on the job. Doing is the best way of thinking!


Learning from refugee camps | Fransje Immink

Lecturer Fransje Immink decided to take her students into crisis areas like Lesbos and the refugee camp in Calais. She believes experience learning in extreme situations is the only way to really learn to think beyond our western frame. Education as the foundation of change.


Embracing big data – the future of healthcare | Willem Herter & Wouter Kroese

Embracing big data for the future of healthcare, a radical transformation in the way patients receive treatment. When you, as a patient, sit in front of a doctor, the doctor does not have access to the right information what treatment works for you. Digitization of the world gives us the opportunity to make health care smarter and much much better. With the use of big data Wouter and Willem support docters in choosing the right medicine for the right person. They radically transformed the way we learn what treatment will help you when you get sick.


Lets change the world, one poem at a time | Dorothy Oger

After losing a friend in the terrorist attacks on Brussel, poet Dorothy Oger decided to answer this act of violence with a poem; “I shall stand for love”. Beyond her expectations the poem got translated in over 50 languages and was used all over the world. So, can a poem change the word? Dorothy explains why she thinks it can.


How an elderly home became a place for innovation | Patrick Stoffer

Student Patrick lives in an elderly home with a few fellow students. He does not pay rent but helps out a few hours a week. Patrick discovered his elderly neighbours have unrecognised collective skills that help him in becoming an innovative urban farmer. He is now growing crops in a container in the garden of their house with his friends and consultants Ans and Harry.


New ways of looking at the circular economy | Harry Webers

Harry believes we’re looking in the wrong direction, thinking about cooperation between cities economically. We can learn way more from history and we should renew the alliances that where formed in the past. As an example he explains the New Hanza, a cooperation between cities in North-West Europe. Harry quit his job to build this new old connection.


One-man band performance | Robin Yerah

Sit back and relax. Robin is known for his unique voice and soulfulness. With R&B, Soul & Pop forming the backbone of his eclectic sound as a musician and producer, He’s inspired by artists like: Michael Jackson, Prince, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Tori Kelly and many others.


Breed algaes, not cows! | Jutta Reinke

How a tiny plant with a weird name (chlorella vulgaris) could change the way we eat. In a little shed in Germany near the Dutch border, the Einstein of biology discoverd that this tiny little algae has super powers. Research started on how to bread this chlorella and they succeded. Can this algae help us feed the world?


The power of forgiveness | Lee Vu

During his student time abroad Lee gets accused of phishing by the American Government. His life turns into a movie with FBI knocking at his door. After 2 years of prison in the USA Lee is released and tries to rebuild his life. In his TEDx talk he talked about how he has dealt with what he has experienced, what he has learned and how he picks up his life.