Christian Kromme

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Idea worth spreading: Humanification: The cure for digital disruption.
A healthy human body is a social and coherent community of 37.2 trillion cells that work together seamlessly. At this very moment, humanity is also rapidly changing towards a social and cohesive community of 8+ billion ‘human’ cells that work together seamlessly. What do humans with all their technology have in common with the cells in our body? Perhaps more than you think! We can learn a lot from the cells in our body. For example, how they communicate with each other and how to solve very complex problems in social, coherent and very efficient communities. Our society starts to behave like one single organism with it’s own nervous system, brains, and unique behavior. We are moving from an ME society towards a WE society. This networked WE society will help us to solve the big challenges that we have in front of us.

Personal profile: Christian is an experienced entrepreneur, inspirational speaker in the area of exponential technology, disruptive innovation, and strategy / vision development. He is 38 years old, lives together with his girlfriend and two kids (girl 5 and boy 3) and wants to make the world a better place.

Christian Kromme

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