Danny Mekic’

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At age fifteen Danny Danny Mekic’Mekic’ founded an internet company and quit high school before his graduation in order to work fulltime on his business. Five years later he was accepted as a student of the Law Honours programme at the University of Amsterdam, attaining the double amount of required credits. At age twenty one he was a Law teacher himself. Today, next to running NewTeam and teaching at universities and colleges, he is also active as investor, mediator, consultant for new business and new media, legal advisor, and analyst. He is a frequent guest in debates on national radio as one of the panel members of a group of economists.

Cupid Facebook: how a cosy, friendly website is starting to rule our life
With the advent of social media like Facebook, technology has acquired a new feature. Originally intended to simplify social interaction within groups, Facebook has completely blown its boundaries. It has also proven to be seriously addictive. Although perhaps ‘addiction’ is the wrong word. The relationship between the user and the medium can better characterized in terms of dependency. And it appears that this relationship is becoming ever more intense and taking on different forms; generating its own energy. Will the information we voluntary share with each other, be the basis for a commercially driven, publicly listed American multinational to create added value. The Social Media are still filled with the content of our daily lives, when will they start to determine it.

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