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Idea worth spreading: Get your seeds in the right soil
Lessons from a vegetable garden: dreaming doesn’t bring veggies for your smoothy. Get the seeds in the soil.
Some need more sun or they need more protection, so find the best spot for each seed!
Plants need to blossom before you can enjoy the fruits.
How about you? Are you blossoming?
Think of your own talents as seeds…are they in the right spot?
Find the best soil for your seed!

Personal profile: After 8 years living and working in California Dorien te Pas came back to the Netherlands with her husband and 2 children. Dorien (47) loves her ecological garden, cycling holidays as well as home-exchanging. She loves to DO, her name fits well :)
An inclusive society makes her heart sing. People with handicaps, visible or unseen scars…she feels everybody wants to contribute.
As an self-employed inspirator she works with individuals & teams to make this happen. From ToDo to TaDa!

Dorien te Pas

2 thoughts on “Dorien te Pas

  1. Dorien, you are a great motivator, you helped me show out my talents. I am a proud owner of a company and I keep discovering my talents, you kick start that engine and there’s no looking back Ta Da!
    Zoë Dlamini

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