TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Future of Europe

The Future of Europe (2)

When? Friday 23rd September 2016, starting 19:30h.
Where? Vestzaktheater in Enschede, Walstraat 35
Tickets? We’re SOLD OUT – our next big TEDxSaxionU conference is november 29th
A special TEDx drink afterwards is included.
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People are not interested in Europe as a whole anymore – are they? The European Union seems to be dying a slow death – is it?

If this is true, then what is the Future of Europe? Are there alternatives to the status quo? Is more collaboration in Europe the key to success, or exactly the opposite? We want to find out your opinion and for a change we decided to give the stage to you and the rest of our TEDx community at our TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon! Together we will have an interactive discussion in which the participants and especially their opinion and own ideas about Europe are standing in the spotlight.


We will watch two TED Talk videos about today`s challenges of Europe, followed by the essential statements of the videos. After this you’ll be able to bring in your opinion about the statements of the videos by voting either “YES”, “NO” or “ABSTAIN”. The result of the votes will be shown in real-time, so that the whole audience can back up their opinion by saying it out loud and start a vivid discussion with the fellow attendees.


Do you have your own special idea, opinion or question about the future of Europe?

Three participants will get the opportunity to express their idea out loud at the event and convince the audience!

Applications are closed