Watch the TEDxSaxionUniversity 2012 talks ‘(Em)Powered by…The Social Media’

Performer Robin Effing ‘Social Kingdom Come’
He loves to explore how Christian churches can adopt social technologies and change their communities to face the challenges of our contemporary time.

Performer Keith Jenkins ‘Passion. Empowerment. Social Media.’
Keith Jenkins is the Founder and Publisher of the Velvet Escape luxury travel blog. Based in Amsterdam, Keith left his ten-year investment banking career to travel the world and carve out a new career as a travel blogger and social media advocate.

Performer Danny Mekić ‘Cupid Facebook: from advertisements to singularity’
With the invention of social media like Facebook, technology has acquired a new feature. Originally intended to simplify our daily lifes and work, social interaction within groups, possibly blowing completely its boundaries in the future. It has also proven to be seriously addictive. Although perhaps ‘addiction’ is the wrong word. The relationship between the user and the medium can better characterized in terms of dependency. And it appears that this relationship is becoming ever more intense and taking on different forms; generating its own energy. Not us, controlling social media, but social media and ict controlling us. Singularity. Will the information we voluntary share with each other, be the basis for a commercially driven, publicly listed American multinational to create further added value to our lifes? The Social Media are still filled with the content of our daily lives, when will they start to inspire, to teach us how to live our lifes together.