Clashing Cultures


When: Tuesday, March 17th 2015
Where: Enschede, De Kleine Willem
What time: 15:30 – 17:00 hours
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This TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon challenged your ideas about the skills needed to be successful as a global professional in international business.  The Salon was moderated by our associate professor ‘SMEs in International Business’ Louise van Weerden. Lecturer Marketing and International Business Sascha Leuftink was her sidekick.

The world’s economy is globalizing, companies are operating most of the time in a global context and we become global professionals. But what do we really know about international business? What skills do we need to succeed in a world of clashing cultures? Are we not raised and educated with too much of a local or cultural determined frame of the world, to really understand how doing business works in other cultures? How important is a global language?
Challenge your views and share your ideas on what works – and what doesn’t – in international business.
>> This salon was in coöperation with Saxion Honours Programme Innovation & Business Creation

Meet Louise van Weerden, our TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon ‘Clashing Cultures’ host: “What is needed in order to benefit from the clashing cultures?”