Feeling the TEDx vibe at ‘Brave New World’

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TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World – Big X

Last tuesday, november 29, it was time for the second big TEDxSaxionUniversity event ‘Brave New World’ at Deventer Schouwburg. An event filled with 13 brave performers, who dared to take the stage and tell us their ideas worth spreading. Including dancemoves, a ‘one-man-band’, an amazing audience and a great vibe and atmosphere to spark conversations! The TEDx magic was here again during the performances, as well as during the breaks. And here you will find a short review of my experience during this event.

Feeling the TEDx vibe at ‘Brave New World’

I have to say that I was a bit nervous the day before this event! As a crew member of the TEDxSaxionUniversity team I know how much effort everyone put in to make this an unforgettable experience for the audience. But on the day itself the communication team was ready to keep everyone updated, sharing stories on social media!

TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World – Lisan badge

TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World – my badge

Around 3 pm the people started to fill up the seats in the theater and Dorothée – the host of the event – practiced ‘the applauding’ for the performers (because Dutch people tend to clap polite)! After this short lesson, it was time to give the word to our speakers of this day. And I was blown away! Not only by the all the talks and performances on stage, but also by the great vibe and enthusiasm the audience brought with them. They gave every speaker and performer a warm welcome, motivated them to rock that stage and no one left without loud applause and standing ovations! It was amazing to see and feel this vibe.

During the breaks it was time to spark the conversation and experience the event in a different way. On all the badges you could find information like ‘Talk to me about…‘ and ‘My bravest moment…‘ and a small icon like ‘a globe‘ or ‘a questionmark‘. Find your table, get a nice drink and some good food and be brave enough to start the conversation. So, what was your badge saying? Mine: You could talk to me about food, photography and traveling and my bravest moment was going to New Zealand all by myself! Pretty brave if you ask me, but I wasn’t brave enought to stick my hand in the mystery boxes! Did you try them? What did you thought of it?

TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World – Blogteam

TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World – Blogteam

My favorite TEDx talks & performances:

First of all I want to say that I’m proud of all the speakers and performers who took the stage, telling their ideas worth spreading in the way they feel comfortable with. They put so much hard work into this and I think we all know how difficult it can be to take the stage, step into the spotlights and tell the story. Everyone can be so proud of themselves for pulling this off! Here you can find my 3 favorites of the day:

  1. Pamela Nicoletatos – Future beyond earth
    Wauw! She was the first speaker of the day and she was amazing. I’m not really into astronomy, but I love the way she talked about it and how determined she is to go to Mars. But when she goes there, it is a one-way-ticket! Would you take a one-way-ticket to Mars? Would you even take a ticket into space anyway? I wouldn’t! But that’s what inspires me so much about Pamela. She already made her decision and it’s outside this world!
  2. Bart Hilhorst – dancer
    What a moves! His dance completely fit this day and the program. It was kind of futuristic, but also very inspiring. And did you see the bodypaint? Amazing huh? Dancing, creativeness and being able to show yourself and the things you love to do most is maybe one of the bravest things you can do! It is difficult to tell a story without words, but he managed to do it.
  3. Jutta Reinke – Breed algues, not cows
    FOOD! The first word she said on stage and the audience already lost it. Including me…! As a foodlover and foodblogger this is a talk that fits me. I’m really open minded with this subject and I love to try new things in the kitchen. There are so many things said about food and what is good or not good for you and also in this branche we look for innovation and development. Maybe we find these things into breeding algues instead of cows? After her talk I’m curious to try algues into dishes and I hope to blog about my experience with this soon.

This was my top 3! Dare to share yours and tell me why you liked it so much, because I’m curious!

I would like to thank the 13 brave speakers and performers for inspiring and giving me new perspectives, the TEDxCrew and host for the hard work they put into this event and learning me so much and ofcourse YOU for attending our event ‘Brave New World’. I hope you had an amazing, inspiring and unforgettable day and I hope to see you next year!

Are you curious for the pictures? You can find them here!


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