Fransje Immink

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Idea worth spreading: Human dignity has lost it’s meaning
Around us we see many examples of situations where people are not seen or treated as human beings. An example of this can been seen in the current discours regarding refugees in Greece, Turkey and other EU countries. The images of people on the television are not regarded as real people, fathers, mothers children even grandparents.
We can all easly change this by finding ways to truly connect with other people. Our way is to set up projects in humanitarian crisis situations where students and professionals can contribute to peoples efforts to keep or regain human dignity and at the same time education can take place. Projects where people can connect with each other. Projects where knowledge, attitude and skills become meaningfull. Projects that are significant, so participants can educate others about their experiences and the people they met. By telling and sharing our stories a new alternative narrative, our narrative, can originate.

Personal profile: My name is Fransje Immink. I am a art teacher at Saxion AMM (social work academy). I’m married, have a girl (3) and I live in Deventer.
Together with Marije Draaijer our idea came together in the start up of our Foundation NOUR. The ambition is to meet the objectives of Foundation NOUR.

Fransje Immink

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