Gijs Huisman

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Touched by technology. PhD candidate Human Media Interaction Group of the University of Twente,
Vrij Nederland’ recently indicated Gijs as one of the most interesting ‘technologists’ in the Netherlands.

Social Touch Technology by Gijs Huisman
Everybody knows the intense feeling of a hug from a loved one. Social touch, like a hug or a handshake, is very important in interpersonal communication, it improves the development of young children, it adds in building relationships and it even helps with reducing pain and stress. Although nowadays technology plays a major role in communications, it does not offer the possibility for ‘social touch’. Gijs Huisman teamed up with a textile technologist and integrated ‘touch technology’ in a sleeve that can actually mimic human touch. It’s a technology that can be applied in all kinds of products.

TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness 2015 – Gijs Huisman

Gijs Huisman


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