Jusra blogs: “I was simply blown away!”

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My friend, Fatma, and I were walking through the halls of Saxion, when suddenly she stopped at a poster of TEDxSaxion. ‘’TED is so cool, I really want to go there, I love TED.’’ she said. Truth is that I had heard of TED, I liked it, but I wasn’t that much of a fan like Fatma. Anyway, she encouraged me to come with her and we signed up that same day. 


I was simply blown away! ‘’Clashing Cultures’’ was eye opening. I knew how important it is to know more about different cultures, but I never realized how essential it could be for something like international business. Apparently knowing the culture of the country you’re doing business with can be more useful than speaking the language fluently. Cultures clash all the time, but as long as you keep an open mind and have respect for each other you’ll be able to work together and even learn form each other.

A week has already passed and I still get excited when someone mentions TED. That says enough right?

The second day started with a delicious breakfast, thanks to café Extrablatt, and while having breakfast we spotted this energetic man walking around. Soon he stopped at our table and introduced himself as Brahma, the host of the second event. His energy and enthusiasm was so contagious! The live event from Vancouver was really interesting. There was this one Talk that I liked the most. It was about a scientist who had dedicated her life to one thing: teaching camera’s to see and to understand what they see. 


After being inspired by the different Talks we watched, it was time to put our creative minds to work. We were divided into groups and were told to come up with a storyboard for a short sci-fi movie about the ‘Brave New World’ we had been talking about. The funny thing is that I wasn’t scared or nervous about meeting new people I was just excited. I had a lovely group and after passing the ‘awkward phase’ of not really knowing what to say, great ideas just started flowing! Within fifteen minutes we managed to come up with a story by combining everyone’s ideas. Now that’s what I call teamwork ;)


After that we had to present our storyboards to everyone. And now comes the awesome part: the storyboard that wins will be turned into a real short TEDx movie!
Presenting our storyboard was an experience that I will never forget. Let me give you one advice: if you only have one minute to present something, don’t go for dramatic pauses haha, you’ll be wasting precious time!
I don’t think I have ever been to an event with so much energy. It was so inspiring and it’s definitely an experience that will stick with me. Fatma, I can only tell you one thing: thank you! Without you I don’t think I would’ve noticed the poster and then I would’ve missed out on a great experience. For everyone who wasn’t there: I better see you next time, trust me you’ll thank me! And for everyone who was there:

I wanna scream and shout and let it all out, saying…

Blog by Jusra Hamam – Law Student /Honours Student Liberal Arts & Science

2 thoughts on “Jusra blogs: “I was simply blown away!”

  1. Nice blog! I’t was fun to create the concept together!

    I’m looking forward to the short movie and the next TEDxSaxion event.

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