Jusra blogs: “I’m never going to feel the same again”

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Monday afternoon. I was working on a school project when suddenly I got a message from Denise, asking me if I’d like to live blog the Open Mic at Wednesday. Well, I didn’t take too long to answer her and here I am writing the after blog. It’s all about me telling you about my experiences from the TEDx events. Remember the last blog where I told you that if you weren’t at that event, I’d better see you next time?

Well, it seems like a lot of you took that advice ;-) I saw so many new faces!

And I’m glad to say that there where a lot of familiar faces as well. That is kind of what TEDx does, it connects. And that’s exactly what happened at the Open Mic.


15 speakers just stood there at the stage and really connected with us. They all had a different story to tell, a different idea to share, a different way of carrying themselves and it was simply amazing. Thanks to Twente Biennale who provided the beautiful location, we were able to have the Open Mic outside in the sun. Walking around the place made me feel like I was at a little festival. The place was just great and really added to a chilled and laid back vibe.

The host that evening was no one less than Brahma T. Ramsodit. He hosted the last event as well, so I knew I was in for another amazing experience. His energy is just so contagious. The Open Mic started and I sat there with Nadi typing away on my laptop, trying to keep our Twitter up to date with everything that was happening. The 15 speakers of the Open Mic had each only 3 minutes to share their story and I was (again) blown away. I can honestly say that I learned a lot that day. For example: how to go from a cranky morning to a beautiful evening, every single day! It’s actually not that hard. Step 1: be proud when you put your pants on. Step 2: give a compliment to yourself every day. Step 3: do something utterly useless and be proud of it, because you took the time to be happy. Simple right? Okay, then what about a world full of true superheroes. Where technology connects people in need with true superheroes?

That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. I learned how being scared can keep you on the sidewalk, but also how the sidewalk can keep you from running. The speaker with this story was wearing her own power shoes. She started walking faster and there she was, out of her comfort zone. She found the right pair of shoes and started her own business, creating sneakers that will make you run on the main road! If these stories don’t put a smile on your face you should definitely visit the Happiness House. In a world where we franchise almost everything it’s time to franchise the one true thing that keeps us alive: happiness.

After the Open Mic I know I’m never going to feel the same again. I learned to tame my monkey mind and to adjust my time perspective focus. I learned that sometimes bad things happen to us, but that we can fight every system as long as we believe in ourselves. We can survive, free ourselves and fly out. I learned that technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It helps us redefine distance and keep in contact with the ones we love no matter where they are.

These are all little pieces of the inspiring ideas and stories the speakers shared with us. I wish I could share everything with you, but some things are supposed to be experienced, some things are supposed to be felt. I hope this triggered you to attend the next TEDx events and to let it inspire you like it inspired me. At last I want to share a quote of the first speaker. It really got me thinking:

‘’We became the mustn’ts, we became the don’ts. We became shouldn’ts, the wouldn’ts and the won’ts. We became the never haves, but listen close to me, anything can happen and anything can be.’’

Blog by Jusra Hamam – Law Student /Honours Student Liberal Arts & Science

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