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It’s been a week since the sold out TEDxSaxionUniversity event: Pursuit Of Happiness and let one thing be clear, there was a lot of happiness! I don’t even know where to begin. So much happened last Wednesday! We got to listen to amazing speakers that managed to move the whole audience with their stories, we had music that connected every one in the theatre and nonetheless, we got to experience that special TEDx magic.

This is my third after blog and I remember saying things like: ‘’I got blown away’’ or “I will never feel the same again’’, funny how attending a TEDx event can have such an huge impact. When it comes to this event I’m honestly lost for words. There is nothing that can describe the glorious vibe, the emotions of the speakers and the joy we all felt that day. If you’re reading this, and you didn’t manage to attend, here is a quick recap of what happened during this pursuit of happiness.

We started with a performance that moved the whole audience. Cordula Klein Goldewijk owned that stage with her dreamy voice, she told us about her issues with her vocal cords and how she managed to get on stage again. She truly showed us how hard work and persistence can pay off. One thing that brought me shivers was how she got the whole audience to sing. Imagine a thousand people sing together, the sound was unbelievable!

Moving on we got to our first speakers Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot. Like Brahma T. Ramsodit, our amazing host, likes to call them: the dynamic duo. Their shelter suit changed a lot of lives, including their one. This whole idea started with terrible news, but it’s their creativity that turned this tragedy into a blossoming enterprise. ‘’Help is a powerful thing, it can be expected and unexpected. It’s either given or requested.’’

Our next superhero on his own was Pema Gurung, who was trapped in so many confusing thoughts. When you look at him you’ll see a normal guy, but that guy experienced a lot. I would definitely recommend watching the documentary that was made of his life. It’s called ‘‘the only son’’. Will he follow family tradition or his heart?

As you can read, we had some inspiring life speakers, but we also watched some videos of speakers from across the world. One that will always stick with me is a video about two nameless bodies that washed up on the beach. There is a story behind them and the sentence that really hit me was this: ‘’It was an invisible life heading to a nameless grave.’’

How he became an artist: Arent Weevers told us about 3D media, including 3D video’s. And can I just give a shout out to Joos Buizer? She flew over from India just she could speak about her own pursue of happiness. It’s all about the shift from impossible to I am possible.

We listened to a really interesting talk from Gijs Huisman about something called the ‘TASST’. It’s a device that allows you to transmit touch through a simple sleeve. That way when you Skype with someone for example, you’ll be able to touch them! You both wear the ‘’TASST’’ and when you stroke your own arm, the other person will feel it! That’s what I call mind blowing.

One talk that had the whole audience on the edge of their seats was the talk from Thomas van der Meer. He talks about how he got over his depression and he gave us a 3 part course to happiness. It’s really simple actually. 1. Force feeding: The brain is like a stomach. We feel, we taste, we experience all day and then,.. shit comes out. So if we feed the brain positive things, positive thing will come out. 2. Be obnoxious or annoying and share: We need t o tell people about the fun stuff that we experience and we should really start sharing compliments! And last but definitely not least: Do something useless every day: We need to take more time in doing things that are completely useless an be proud of ourselves. He made us do it. Sweet-talking us into clapping really hard, because something magical would happen. Uhm not. No magic. What we did was utterly useless, but it definitely brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Thomas was one of our Open Mic winners along with Hanneke Tel. She thinks of herself as a wallflower. Knowing that wallflowers only blossom once a year, she chose to blossom last Wednesday. With her shaky voice filled with proudness about the fact that she was standing on that stage, she inspired all of us. She’s so pure and I personally think that a lot of people recognize things from her talk. ‘’I’ll happily walk for 4 hours in a big store, I will find it myself, I’m not going to ask for help.’’ Hanneke knows first hand how it is to be extremely shy. My all time favourite quote from here is this: ‘’I call my comfort zone my sidewalk. With the right shoes you can step out of your sidewalk. I want to encourage all wallflowers to find their own power shoes.’’

Time for a break? Yeah I thought so as well. Good thing we had more music to rock out to. The Hidden Agenda, a band from a city called Deventer came and rocked that stage. What an attitude, what a talent. It was so raw and so beautiful! You should definitely look them up.

Our very last speaker is sort of a celebrity in Enschede. He’s known as ‘’the crazy bus driver’’ who would hang a disco ball in the bus and play music for the passenger. But where did that come from? We got to see a whole other side of Shandrick Elodia! This man has some great ideas! All he wants is to make things beautiful and it works! He did the impossible and turned a boring bus ride into a fun experience.
Apparently we’re all scared of low prices, because we automatically assume that something is different with a product when it’s cheap. That’s exactly why he thinks poverty is man made thing. As a designer he designed houses that are cheap, but also beautiful. His last words were the perfect ending of a perfect day: ‘’I’m not going to fix poverty, but I’m damn sure going to make it beautiful.’’

One last thing. Do you remember the very first events? The one where we had to write a storyboard for a sci-fi movie? Well the winning storyboard was turned into a real short movie ‘Match’ and premiered at this event. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen. That movie was so beautiful! I felt like proud mother ;).

The after party at Fellini was incredibly nice. Everyone was having a good time dancing and chatting. Friendships were made, people got to know each other and of course a whole lot of pictures were taken. You can find them all on our Facebook page.

So this is basically what happened that day. A stage, an audience and ideas worth spreading. I want to say a quick thank you to the entire TEDxSaxionUniversity team! We did this together and all the hard work payed off, because this was one hell of an event.  If you missed it, make sure to come to our next event. Trust me when I say that the TEDx magic is real and when you get a taste, you won’t be able to get enough of it. It’s truly addictive. I talk out of experience ;).

‘’Happiness is something you can pursue, but when you decide to stop searching and start making your own happiness, that’s where life begins.’’


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