Jusra: how TEDx inspired me as a person

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haii there! long time no see I guess. of course I’m not a new face to you guys, but it might be nice to get to know me a little more, so here I am writing a little ‘get to know me’ blog.

for starters, my name is jusra, I just turned 20 and no I do not like that! I loved being 19 and if it were up to me, I would have stayed 19 a little longer. I love to write, I love to read, I love to dream. and by this time you might have noticed that I like to write in lowercase. I’m sorry if you think its annoying, but I actually prefer writing like this, there honestly is no reason why.


so who am I? honestly I still have to figure that out, but don’t worry, I’m not going to annoy you with a sappy story about that. I’m actually a really simple girl that loves alternative, (indie) rock music a little too much and I’m way too active on snapchat.


a weird hobby of mine is to take pictures and to link them to deep/emotional lyrics. I usually do that on snapchat and that’s how I found myself making a folder in my phone called ‘lyrical snaps’.

other than that, I found myself a new hobby and that’s going to concerts. there is something that’s almost magical about seeing your favourite artist live.

the 1975 at the Heineken Music Hall

the 1975 at the Heineken Music Hall

so that’s a little something about me, now off to the part where I tell you how I got to work with TEDxSaxion. after attending my first TEDxSaxion event ‘clashing cultures’, I was asked to write an after blog for the website where I had to write about how I experienced that event. the one’s who read that blog might recall me calling it ‘’mind blowing’’. after attending 3 events already you might think that I got used to it, but that’s nowhere near the truth. my mind is still blown!

it’s so funny to look back to when I first got in touch with TEDxSaxion. I was so shy! but after seeing so many speakers on that red dot, I realised that there was nothing to be shy about. I became part of the team, I met so many new people and for once I was the one starting a conversation with a stranger. I can relate a lot to someone like Hanneke Tel and I get the feeling of being shy, but I’m just that kind of person that needs to feel comfortable before I open up to anyone. and I think that’s what TEDxSaxion did. TEDxSaxion gave me a place where I can feel comfortable and open up, develop myself and actually create something with a lot of love and passion.

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