Lisan: how TEDx inspired me as a person

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My name is Lisan and I’m one of the bloggers of the TEDxSaxionUniversity team and I feel so blessed. Not only by being a member of this awesome, creative and international team, but also by all the inspiring stories that I get surrounded with. I’m really happy that Nadi asked me to be part of this team last september and to experience the amazing Pursuit of Happiness event last november.

TEDx part of the communication team

Jusra, Fatma, Lisan (it’s me!) & Nadi

Why did I choose to be a member of this team? Well, to answer that question it’s good to get to know me a bit more. I’m a 26 year old, full-time working, girly girl and I CAN’T sit still! I’m always on the go. For example in going on new adventures outside my comfortzone, everywhere in the world. Experience new thoughts and feelings, listening to new stories and finding out how that all works out on me as a person. I want to make people happy. If you read this it won’t come as a suprise that I love traveling, food, sports and ofcourse blogging. In april 2015 I started my own blog. First, it was only about food and (new) healthy recipes. But I became a fitgirl and went to some inspiring Instagram meetings. After a while I also wanted to blog about sports, traveling, photography and home & living. It all brought me the opportunity to become a member of the TEDxSaxionUniversity team last year and I had to grab it with both hands!

Lisan TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness

Social Media crew during the TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness event

Why? Well TEDx gives us all the opportunity to create a unique experience and gathering in our community in which a diversity of voices, cultures and stories spark us by giving new ideas, inspiring us and giving us a view from other perspectives. Why see everything through our own eyes when we have so many eyes who can show us an even more inspiring, more beautiful and better view on the things that are important to us? Or to learn things we didn’t even know are that important to us?

Since the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ event I admire the speakers who get on stage and share their unique stories even more. It proves a lot of guts to climb up that stage and shine by telling your own stories and show the emotions you experienced and give the audience a laugh, tear or something to think about!


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