Lonnie Holders

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Believes in the strength of TEDx as way of connecting people, stirring things up, boosting innovations and motivating people to contribute and share.

Tell us something about you
MsC Communication Studies, University of Twente.
Dutchie, Gemini, Outdoorsie, Horse and Cat lover, likes to travel, meet new people, drink good wine and eat nice food with friends(gezellig!).

What is it what you’re doing?
Communications Manager, Saxion University of Applied Sciences
Member of the Saxion Innovation Team
TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Licency/Co-Organiser

What’s your ambition?
Creating a bubbly TEDxSaxionUniversity community with  students, lecturers, scientists, entrepreneurs, working at local problems in a global way.

Lonnie Holders


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Photoblog: Lonnie & Denise @ TEDxZwolle

Suffering from a serious TEDGlobal cold turkey

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