We selected 16 potential TEDx speakers for you that pitched their 3 minute mini-TEDx talk during the Open Mic, hoping you will select their story for the main event in November. Thank you for supporting them and their brave effort to become a TEDx speaker in only 2 weeks! We wanted to make sure that we serve our audience only the best. So we put them through some serious speaker coaching bootcamp to help them build their story and practice their pitch. After the Open Mic 3 winners where announced!

Watch their mini-TEDx talks:

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Fransje Immink

The future of education
Lars van Tooren

The misconception of online piracy. A lot of companies see online piracy as a huge issue...
Susanne Klappe

Reign your body by living! We are not born with a gym-subscription but nowadays people think they need to workout to be healthy.
Robin Kastermans

My mission in life is to make people aware of the big opportunities we have in life and to give them the courage to...
Max de Kwaasteniet

The perspective of money.
Dorien te Pas

Get dirty with talent – Inspired by square foot gardening
Christian Kromme

Humanification: The cure for digital disruption
Susan Verbeek

Treat your body the same way you treat your smartphone.
Neil Martin

My personal story of transformation from obese and sick to endurance athlete.
Simon Drury

Simon Drury is flying over from the UK to share his idea about the Psychology of Control
Serena Buitenhuis

How the lessons from the past can save our future selfs.
Gerard Cadafalch Gazquez

Nano materials freak, former PhD student at MESA+ and now entrepreneur
Rob Tuitert

Outdoor (game)designer from Holten
Rogier Kamerbeek

How good food can save your cities downtown areas
Boy Bouw

Explains how you too can become a motivated student
Dorothy Oger

From Brussels. Her poem "I shall stand for love", written after the terror attacks on Brussel, was translated in 40 languages