Pema Gurung

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Pema’s TEDx talk is an incredible personal story and cultural analysis: life between two worlds that could not be more different.  Follow his journey back to nepal, spring 2016, on Instagram ->

The burden of being the only son by Pema Gurung
Pema Gurung was born as a sick child, 5,000m high up in the Himalayas in Nepal, a ten day walk from the nearest airstrip. He slept and begged in the street for days when his parents moved him to a ROPKA children’s home in Kathmandu. He left his country, ending up in the Netherlands as a student -“a total Culture shock”. Now his parents want him to come back and take care of his family, since he is their only son. But Pema lives in a different story now.

TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness 2015 – Pema Gurung

Pema Gurung

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