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Read all about the TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness live speakers & artists. In two sessions we will challenge you in finding purpose in our fast and constantly changing world.

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Shandrick Elodia

Designers can and should focus more on designing products focused on improving the lifestyle of the poor. Products that are cool, sustainable and accessible.
Bas Timmer & Alexander de Groot

A few years ago a tragic death due to hypothermia in their inner circle of friends shocked Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot.
Pema Gurung

Pema's TEDx talk is an incredible personal story and cultural analysis: life between two worlds that could not be more different.
Gijs Huisman

Gijs will share his findings and ideas about social touch technology and why he believes we should not forget about the 5th sense.
Joos Buizer

Science seems to focus on the growing potential of technology and machines. Joos Buizer argues that we can and should enhance our human potential...
Arent Weevers

Arent Weevers: highly praised for his work with 3D stereoscopic high speed cameras in video art.
Cordula Klein Goldewijk

Cordula Klein Goldewijk is a singer songwriter and a Complete Vocal Technique Teacher. She will play uplifting music, bringing 2 guitars, piano, 2 backing...
The Hidden Agenda

The Hidden Agenda is a six-piece live hip hop band that brings a grooving mix of melodic rhymes, soul and moving beats.
Thomas van der Meer

Open Mic winner Thomas van der Meer will bring you along on his three-part crash course 'In Search of Happiness.'
Hanneke Tel

Open Mic winner Hanneke Tel: from being the scared person in the background, to starting your own business.
Brahma T. Ramsodit

Our host for the Pursuit of Happiness conference