TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness talks

Watch the TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit Of Happiness talks.

Saving lives with a sheltersuit by Bas Timmer & Alexander de Groot
A few years ago a tragic death due to hypothermia in their inner circle of friends shocked Bas Timmer and Alexander de Groot. “Unfortunately thousands of people, even in the Netherlands, have to spend their days and nights on our streets. We wanted to offer everyone the means to stay warm, dry and safe when sleeping outside in cold climates.”
This talk is about a call for help that they heard and saw and their vision in the form of a sheltersuit that provides this help.


How design can change the life of the poor by Shandrick Elodia
As Mandela once said, poverty is a man-made thing. Shandrick Elodia, a product designer from Curacao, believes this is true. He wants to change the way we experience poverty.
It seems that the only way to design a cheap product, is by making it less desirable. He disagrees with this approach and tells you why.


Social Touch Technology by Gijs Huisman
Everybody knows the intense feeling of a hug from a loved one. Social touch, like a hug or a handshake, is very important in interpersonal communication, it improves the development of young children, it adds in building relationships and it even helps with reducing pain and stress. Although nowadays technology plays a major role in communications, it does not offer the possibility for ‘social touch’. Gijs Huisman teamed up with a textile technologist and integrated ‘touch technology’ in a sleeve that can actually mimic human touch. It’s a technology that can be applied in all kinds of products.


Step into your powershoes by Hanneke Tel
Here I am, a wallflower. I am stepping out of my beloved comfort zone to share with you some of the beauty and power of the introverted, the talented and skillful who go unnoticed. Hanneke Tel would like to invite you to join her in overcoming fear. Together you’ll crash through that barrier of comfort to show the world that everyone can blossom into something magnificent.


A three-part crash course to happiness by Thomas van der Meer
Can we digest happiness? You might need a person with quite a bit of experience to help you take that journey. Thomas van der Meer gives you a three-part crash course ‘In Search of Happiness.’ He’ll show you how this can be achieved through one simple tool that stands apart from all other scientific tools and models in the field today.


The burden of being the only son by Pema Gurung
Pema Gurung was born as a sick child, 5,000m high up in the Himalayas in Nepal, a ten day walk from the nearest airstrip. He slept and begged in the street for days when his parents moved him to a ROPKA children’s home in Kathmandu. He left his country, ending up in the Netherlands as a student -“a total Culture shock”. Now his parents want him to come back and take care of his family, since he is their only son. But Pema lives in a different story now.


The Hidden Agenda played live hiphop on our TEDxSaxionUniversity stage – bringing energy to all of us!


Don’t be afraid to use your voice by Cordula Klein Goldewijk
Cordula shares her thoughts on singing and happiness. Working with many voices and sounds, she found that perfectionism is a killer of creativity and trust. Freedom of artistic choice and trusting your gear (i.e. the voice) are important on stage and in the teaching room. Cordula had to recover from several surgeries and was told she would never sing again. She shares her personal story, from being too scared to make any sound to rocking the stage.


3D media artist – Let the 3D video tell the story by Arent Weevers
Arent Weevers uses the latest technologies in his videos, he’s been highly praised for his work with 3D stereoscopic high speed cameras in some of his video art. Even going so far to recognize his work as the highlight of new Media art at an art fair in Munich.