Rob Tuitert

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Idea worth spreading: Stimulating youth to go and play outside instead of sticking to their computers indoor, using advanced technology. Instead of saying the playstation is bad for the kids, we should embrace the technology and look at what makes it so appealing to the kids. Take that as the basis to design outdoor play spaces to get the best of both worlds: healthy and social outdoor play,  together with the fun and advanced functions of games.

Personal profile: My name is Rob Tuitert, I am 34 years old and work as a product designer at Yalp, designing interactive playground equipment. I am married to Linda and am proud father of Jesse and Boris. I love making music, and playing soccer and other sports. My passion is designing a new generation of play equipment, making use of the possibilities of technology, but in a way that feels natural and above all: is fun!

Rob Tuitert

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