Serena Buitenhuis

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Idea worth spreading: How the lessons from the past can save our future selfs.
2 years ago I got diagnosed with a bonetumor. An uncertain future made look back at my life. I realized that being bullied in high school still affected me. During that period I didn’t want to go to school anymore but I still had to everyday. Though a negative experience it also taught me how to act when you are forced to deal with a situation you rather escape from. The tumor turned out the be non live threatening but I still was at risk of becoming handicapped and forced to go through 9 surgeries in 6 months. During this period I noticed I was strangely calm. I instinctively knew how to act. The negative event from the past was the guide that saved my ability to walk in the future. From that moment I realized how important it is to use our past lessons when creating a better future. If we can face fear and pain in the past then the future is nothing to fear. I realized that problems are there to learn us lessons and gives us an opportunity to grow stronger.

Personal profile: My name is Serena Buitenhuis. I’m a 25 year old student at Saxion University. In my spare time I love to write and paint. Further I like running and hope to run the New York city marathon one day. In my daily life I go to college and hang out with my friends. With my Ted talk I hope to give people courage and help them to stay optimistic.

Serena Buitenhuis

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