Shandrick Elodia

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“Designers design products to achieve higher value and market processes. But we can’t all live a rich lifestyle. Based on the production costs, it seems very possible for us to design products focused on improving the lifestyle of the poor. Products that are cool, sustainable and accessible.”

How design can change the life of the poor by Shandrick Elodia
As Mandela once said, poverty is a man-made thing. Shandrick Elodia, a product designer from Curacao, believes this is true. He wants to change the way we experience poverty.
It seems that the only way to design a cheap product, is by making it less desirable. He disagrees with this approach and tells you why.

TEDxSaxionUniversity Pursuit of Happiness 2015 – Shandrick Elodia

Shandrick Elodia

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