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Idea worth spreading: The Psychology of Control – a Need Theory
The basic tenet of this theory is that all humans need to have control in their lives to a greater or lesser degree. We can hope to exert control in three fundamental areas of our lives; over ourselves, over other people and over our ‘environment’ (everything that is non-human). The level of control an individual believes they have is directly linked to their emotional state. The more control we have the better we feel. The converse is also the case – the less control the worse we feel. We employ a range of strategies to help us to regain control. The problem is, few of them work satisfactorily! Some of these strategies could be termed ‘positive’ strategies the others are ‘negative’. Many are spontaneous, others are considered. Many of the strategies will have a direct impact on other people and affect their sense of being in control.We can greatly improve our feeling of well-being when we develop ‘useful’ strategies that give us back what we need. My talk unpacks the theory and offers practical solutions to help us feel better.

Personal profile: I am Simon Drury, a business psychologist, corporate mentor, coach, trainer, speaker and very nearly an author! My company, Art of Reinvention works with successful people who are approaching a major change in their work situation such as retirement, redundancy or career transition. I help them to understand their motivational make-up and the way they need the world to see them when they create and step into a new and meaningful chapter in their lives.

Simon Drury

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