Susan Verbeek

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Idea worth spreading: We live in a world where technology is making our life easier, better and healthier. For example there are sportwatches and meditation apps. It seems that every day there is a new device or app that help improves our health. But still there is a growing number of people that show symptoms of burn out. In The Netherlands this number is now up to 1.000.000. That’s one in seventeen!
It’s time for a change and I have a fundamental solution: a device that detects stress and makes you relax in time. Just image how that would be. Awesome right?! Let me share the good news with you! The device is already there. Even better: you already have it! Feel it and listen to it. It’s your own body. And it is time to rediscover it!

Personal profile: My name is Susan Verbeek and I’m 30 years old.
I love to connect with other people. I get excited when I create new things. And I feel good when I’m exercising like running in the park or dance on a party. My job is to give people the right tools to manage there energy, so they create a healthy lifestyle for themselves. The profession is called: vitality coach. My mission is to spread positive energy everywhere I go.

Susan Verbeek

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