Susanne Klappe

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Idea worth spreading: Reign your body by living! We are not born with a gym-subscription but nowadays people think they need to workout to be healthy. This marvelous body we all have is not designed to be sitting all day and then workout for one hour in the evening. This body is made to make us come alive and feel alive. It is designed for our pleasure, support and comfort. By doing simple exercises with the audience (in their daily clothes and in a normal seminar setting) I teach them to train their bodies by living. It creates a mind shift from having to work-out, to just wanting to move more.
I always start out by telling the audience “don’t just trust me on my words; feel it, check it in your own body”. Once your feel it in your body, it is not only information but an experience that will stay with you. When you have tasted the benefits of moving, you just want to move more.

Personal profile: My name is Ir. Susanne Klappe (1968) and I used to work as a management consultant. I studied Business Engineering and Management Science at the University of Twente. My current job description is a little broader; mother, trainer, bodyworker, yoga-teacher, coach, consultant, speaker, writer and business owner.
How this came about? As a management consultant I always was interested in the effects of our bodies on our performance. “80% percent of our communication is through our body posture” they said, but they left it at that. This 80% never left me. I was on a quest. What is energy, charisma, leadership, intuition,…?
The birth of my daughter, Anne, was a turning point. Anne was born with a disability and that was another important reason all together to study the body. Since then I started Bodywise, a yoga- and pilates-center. I also kept doing consultancy work and giving talks and workshops on vitality in organizations.

Susanne Klappe

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