#TEDxCrossingBorders talks

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Here they are: the three live talks from our TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Crossing Borders event with TEDxMünster. Spread the word. ❤

Merlijn Schoonenboom

Ingo Hoff

Riham Sabbagh

Aftermovie #TEDxCrossingBorders

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Here’s the official aftermovie of the TEDxSaxionuniversitySalon Crossing Borders event! From Enschede to Münster, with TEDxMünster to TEDxSaxion Enschede. Enjoy watching!

#TEDxCrossingBorders on German television

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WDR visited our #TEDxCrossingBorders event to create this awesome video. Thanks!

Photos: #TEDxCrossingBorders

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Hereby the photos of TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Crossing Borders, a crossing borders experience with TEDxMünster. Pictures made by Stefania and Nadi. You can also find them on Facebook (tag your friends!).

Aftermovie: TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Power Of You

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Check out the aftermovie of our latest event:  TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Power Of You!

Photos: TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Power of You

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Hereby the photos of ‘TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Power of You‘ – “I’m an EXPAT. Now what?”. All pictures made by Andrei. You can also find them on Facebook (tag your friends!).


TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon ‘The Power Of You’

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Our graduate intern Stefaniya has been working on a special concept. Support her and come to this evening! On June 6th TEDxSaxion will unite with TANKSTATION for a cozy and interactive cinema evening in Enschede. With a special twist: YOU are the one in charge for the main theme of this event! Vote for your favorite. Other ideas? Let us know!

When? June 6
Where? TANKSTATION Enschede
What time? 20:00 – 22:00h
What? We will watch TEDtalks together and have discussions in between. We prepared some surprises too!
Entrance: Entrance is free
Optional: If you want to enjoy a nice meal, come by earlier – the TANKSTATION dinner takes place as usual at 18:00h (costs are for yourself).

Follow the Facebook-event for updates!

Trying Tongue Twisters? TEDxSaxion vs TEDxMünster

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Due to the fact that understanding each other is crucial in intercultural encounters, a big challenge in planning our next event “TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon Crossing Borders” (in collab with  TEDxMünster) is the fact that we speak different languages. However, it can also mean a whole lot of fun when you simply dare to speak each other`s language.

On the occasion of the “Dag van de buurtaal” (“neighbouring language day”) today we decided to cross the borders of our tongues and tried to pronounce tongue twisters in each other`s languages! Of course we filmed it for you, so check out the video!

Want to try those tongue twisters as well? We wrote them down for you:

German tongue twisters:

Russische Russen rutschen russische Rutschen russisch runter.
Sie stellte das tschechische Streichholzschächtelchen auf den Tisch.
Auf den Tisch stellte sie das tschechische Streichholzschächtelchen.
Sie war die teichigste Teichmuschel unter allen teichigen Teichmuscheln … Read More »

Video: What does it take to organize a TEDx event?

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During our TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World event we wanted to show the audience the effort that it takes to organize a big TEDx event. It became a countdown video, personalized by all the volunteers, partners and team members. From prepping goodiebags to speakercoaching. Enjoy watching!

VIP EVENT: Brave New Deventer #BeConnecTED

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Hi there! At this year’s conference Brave New World in Deventer we had our wonderful friends from TEDxMuenster visiting us and we wanted to show them, and others, the cool and unique parts of Deventer as well as giving them an extra special program. Together with some other guests (e.g. winners from past events) we created a VIP pre-event through Deventer. Did you miss it, but are you also curious about what Deventer has all to offer? Then I’ll take you through the program! Around 10.15 our first guests arrived at Deventer Schouwburg. There was some time to relax, grab a coffee and take pictures with the TEDx flag.

We asked all our guests to write a short story about themselves, for example about their interests, their work/study or a funny story. We then gave everyone a one of these stories, … Read More »