To all the brave ones that dared to join our event last week

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Yes, it’s been a week already since TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World. And what a day it was. 11 speakers, 1 dancer, 1 singer-songwriter, 1 poet, 1 host, 1 TEDx team and 650 of you!

#TEDxSaxion on social media

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Snaps, quotes and videos from social media!

[View the story “We collect memories.” on Storify]

Behind the scenes for TEDxSaxionU Brave New World #2: speaker Jutta Reinke

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Behind the scenes with TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World speaker Jutta Reinke, minutes before her speakertraining with TEDx speakercoach Nienke van Bezooijen.

Ymko Attema talks about new safety innovations within the fire brigade

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Ymko Attema works at Fire Department Twente, that won many prizes for being innovative and using new technology on the job. He argues that only by being open to new ideas and technology, in stead of being afraid or defensive, we can make progress in security management.

TEDxSaxionU Speaker Maria Sarkis Azkanaz about her Brave New World

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November 29, Maria will share her story on the TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World stage in Deventer.

Patrick Stoffer invites you to TEDxSaxionU Brave New World

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Join us November 29 on a future search, with the ‘brave’, the ‘new’ and their ‘world changing ideas’. What do we want our future society to look like? What choices do we make considering the possibilities of future technologies. Is our future even on this earth?

Open Mic winners on TEDx stage in Deventer

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Over 150 event attendees voted for their favorite and in the end we had… 3 winners! Those 3 will take the big stage during TEDxSaxionUniversity Brave New World.

First 4 ‘Brave New World’ speakers announced

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We’ve just announced the first 4 speakers for Brave New World: Jutta Reinke, Pamela Nicoletatos and speakerduo Wouter Kroese and Willem Herter.

Pitchers wanted! Talking about The Future of Europe…

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Even though the regular tickets are sold out, you can still take part at our next TEDxSaxionUniversitySalon The Future of Europe. How? Read on…

Open Mic Bootcamp Session ‘Practice Your Pitch’ – Hanneke Tel vlog #4

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