Meet the people behind TEDxSaxionUniversity. We are committed to delivering inspirational TEDx experiences. As a group we bring a variety of skills, disciplines and experience to everything we do. We’re united in our enthusiasm, dedication and belief that the ability to share ideas can inspire and transform attitudes and lives.

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Lonnie Holders

Believes in the strength of TEDx as way of connecting people, stirring things up, boosting innovations and motivating people to contribute and share.
Denise Emot

Passionate about exploring the world, dancing and organizing (that’s kind of my thing).
Christa Barkel

Manic positive attitude, Social connections evangelist, Building and humanizing brands, Unlimited curious about unusual things.
Nadi Zoetebier

Loves creating content, telling stories and connecting people. "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney
Christina Jaschinski

Believes that everyone and everything around you is your teacher.
Marieke van der Vossen

She loves to make the world a better place. She believes that the only way to do this is to lead by example.
Isabel Koopman

Opportunities are the best things in life. So never, ever. miss one.
Pema Gurung

A recent graduate from Saxion University of Applied Sciences and a former TEDxSaxion speaker.
Alireza Rohani

Believes that every person has a unique story to share, through their struggle, their success and failure. TEDx is a way to motivate people...
Joris Bökkerink

When you’re in a big town, always look up at the buidings and the sky. There is so much more to see.
Artur Jarosiewicz

Intercultural experiences are not only an essential part of my job at Saxion, but also part of my life: Born in Poland, grown up in...

Katerina Dancheva

Curious to learn about everything. Want to bring happiness and joy to the world.
Allysia Machielsen

A little goofball who is a little bit too happy sometimes but mostly driving to make the most of life.
Jusra Hamam

passionate about reading and writing and I’m currently working on my first book
Stefaniya Kolarova

Positive mindset brings to positive results. It's our OWN perception controlling our OWN future.
Alexander Lamprecht

Passionate online marketer, entrepreneur & blogger with a critical view on new media and technologies.
Lisan ter Heijne

"Big things often have small beginnings"
Fatma Yilmaz

Every individual has a story to tell, we only have to listen so that we can learn from them.